Harbor Safety Plan for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

LALB HSP Title Page

2018 OSPR admin letter

Table of Contents

Table of Maps

Table of Appendices

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Introduction and Signature Page

Executive Summary

By-Laws for the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Safety Committee (Revised Feb. 1, 2006)

VOP Quick Reference  Guide

Chap I Geo Boundaries

Chap II General Weather

Chap III Aids to Navigation

Chap IV Anchorages

Chap V Harbor Depths

Chap VI Contingency Routing

Chap VII History of Accidents

Chap VIII Communications

Chap IX Bridges

Chap X Small Craft

Chap XI Vessel Traffic Service

Chap XII Tug Escort-Tank Vessels

 Chap XIII Pilotage

Chap XIV Underkeel Clearance

Chap XV Environmental Impacts

Chap XVI Plan Jurisdiction

Chap XVII Inclement Weather-Standards of Care for Vessel Movements

App A - Law - State of Calif

App B - User Manual - VTS

App C index

App C1 Tug Boats with Bollard Pulls Available for Ship Assist-Escort ---

App C2 Testing and Cert of Bollard Pull Tests

App C3 History HSC Tug Escort Reg

App D USCG COTP Notice October 2011 - Inst for Emrg Dispersal of ---

App E USCG COTP Notice 01-96 - Rptng Small Craft that---

App F Exec Sum of Term Ops

App G Policy for Assignment and Operation of Catalina Island Federal Anchorages

App H Select Study Group Environmental

App I MOA for Mandatory State Pilotage ---

App J MOA for VT Mngmnt in LA LB

App K SB414 Assessment of Emergency Towing Capabilities in the LA/LB AOR

App L Marine Safety - Pollution Laws

App M Container Vessel Bunker Barge Safety Program and Delivery Notice

App N Vessel - Terminal Gantry Crane Safety Letter



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