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Welcome to the Marine Exchange of Southern California

The Marine Exchange of Southern California is a ninety plus year old, non-profit organization dedicated to the development and efficient flow of maritime commerce throughout the region. Our records of ship arrivals and departures go back to 1923 in a string broken only by WW II. Since then, we have evolved into the Maritime Information Center for the Los Angeles - Long Beach Port Complex.

The icons to the left will take you to the various aspects of the Port Complex in which we play a role. Click on the icon that interests you to find the kinds of information described below.

We provide extensive reports of ship activities for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as Port Hueneme to the north and San Diego to the south. Check our REPORTS section to find a variety of ship information reports on schedules, arrival times, locations, etc., tailored to suit your needs.

We also are partners with the United States Coast Guard in running the only public-private partnership VESSEL TRAFFIC SERVICE in the United States. Our VTS section will provide operating rules, important notices, user fees and, for those authorized, a real time picture of our vessel traffic situation.

The Marine Exchange acts as the Secretariat for our local HARBOR SAFETY COMMITTEE. You'll be able to find the latest HARBOR SAFETY PLAN for the Port Complex, as well as tug BOLLARD PULL information and recent safety notices by looking here. Check out our other icons to the left for important elements of information about our Ports. If you can't find what youre looking for, try our SITE MAP or give the search engine a try.

As the de facto ship operations center for Southern California, our goal is to provide the most up to date information available. We strive to keep you, our customers informed. We are open to suggestions on how we may improve our operation. Reach us HERE.

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